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August 26, 2012
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When an inspiration encourages you... by KicsterAsh When an inspiration encourages you... by KicsterAsh
I'm posting this here on dA so that I've got something to come look at every time I get trolled.

I don't care if people think PnF is a baby show or if my art is crap.

I got a guy who's been in the animation business for YEARS, who's done and/or worked on Rocko's Modern Life, Family Guy and several other known cartoons, and who spent, along with Swampy, about 16 years or so trying to get Phineas and Ferb on the air, only to be turned down every time until Disney made it the hit show it is.... who loved my art, MY art that was constantly trolled, gave me encouraging words, and told me he would be putting that picture in his office.

To top it, Vincent, Allyson and Swampy said the same thing.

This will stay here in my gallery as a reminder that I am who I am, I've gotten this far, and no one will stop me from moving on.

When someone who inspires you tells you your work is amazing, that's the most encouraging thing you could ever hear.


photos, art (c) KicsterAsh
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AgentBengalTiger Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I watched the PnF panel from this year again yesterday. The story is not just inspiring to you, but to all of us!!!
Whether you're doing fanart, or actually designing characters for the real show, or creating your own amazing characters and stories, you really are a super amazing creator of art! I admire and look up to you.
I'm excited to see where your career is going to take you. 
Love ya, Ashley!
Sosi-DR34M5 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Student General Artist
Your art is soooooo awesome and lovely!
He would be putting that picture in his office,It's OBVIOUS!
Love PnF and love your art 4ever!
KicsterAsh Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Professional Filmographer
lol Yes, he did put it in his office. Still there today too c:
Sosi-DR34M5 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014  Student General Artist
You're so lucky,you have and amazing talent!
Samiam798123 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Student General Artist
TheZeiGal Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Wow that's a great story! I just took a bit to check out the rest of your gallery while I was here and I must say I think your style and art is incredible. Everyone has their own styles and I guess some people just can't be happy unless they put others done. You look like you could be a fantastic animator one day if you wanted, you've got the talent! And even if art is just your hobby know that you're work is great and to me inspirational. 
BigPhinbellafan Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
forgot to aad: I love that pic! :happybounce:
BigPhinbellafan Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I can't imagine that there are people who don't like your art!
I love Phineas and Ferb and all of my friends know it, and they sometimes make fun of it, but I don't care.
Your art is my greatest inspiration, so everytime I think that my art sucks, I look up your work and I have my hope back that I someday can draw like you.
I love your art, girl, and I like the way your thinking.

Spotlight So let's all say: NEVER GIVE UP! Spotlight
ShinkuYuri18 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013

That's Awsome!


ReddyArts Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013   Digital Artist
Preach on, sister! Don't ever let anyone troll you! Do what you love, no matter what! :hug: Well done, you! :clap:
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