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September 26, 2012
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Sunny and Robin by KicsterAsh Sunny and Robin by KicsterAsh
I designed an original canary to be Sunny's Boyfriend and future hubby. Not that I didn't love Nico, because gosh, who doesn't love that bird? But he ain't mine, and I need an original singer for my Sun Ray.

Hence Roberto, or Robin. He still comes from South America, though I need to make specifications. He's a singer, enjoys singing and flying free than being tied down to anything specific. He is responsible, however, generous and a gentleman, especially towards his love Sunny.

Sunny, like I wrote with Nico in that one-shot, wasn't warmed up to getting to know him at first. She's a lone bird and worked hard to get where she was. However, his voice wins her over, and eventually so does his charm and big heart. Eventually she moves down South with him and has a family.

I'm doing a walk cycle for Sunny this week to Owl City's song Good Times. Nowhere on the internet had ANY reference to a canary walking, so I had to refer to the movie Rio and grab as many clips of Nico walking as possible. He takes like three steps in one scene and two in another, so I was able to get that.

Now I'm off to animate, yush. Wanted to wait while my battery charges before doing so, so I drew Sunny and Robin in the meantime. Robin's feathers may change, I'm still not sure.

enjoy :D

characters (c) Kicsterash
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Oralle08 Mar 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Lordy, Robin is almost as handsome and cute as Nico! :aww: I also love how you drew both of their headfeathers! And Sunny iis so SO pretty! Have you writen anything about them? (or planning to?) Robin's eyes are so freaking gorgeous! The way you drew them, too! :D
One wonders... do canaries walk? Even if they can, many small birds prefer to hop when they're on the ground. Having never observed canaries extensively in real life and references on this being surprisingly scarce, it's probably worth looking into.
PrincesaDaisy124 Oct 10, 2012  Student General Artist
Me gustaban Sunny y Nico como pareja.
Pero bueno,¡que le vamos a hacer!
Y,¿por qué los separaste?
Creamcake77 Sep 27, 2012  Student Artist
Love this!
DanieWuvsLelouch Sep 26, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
They look so cute! >u<

She moved down South, so they are both in Rio? ;D I keed probably not. XP
Hehe this is so adorable! :aww: :heart:
i-haz-a-doodle-plex Sep 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist
eee! I legitly sqeaked when I saw this. ^^ they're a cute couple
Simply beautiful, Ash. :huggle:
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