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October 4, 2012
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Solarian Scar by KicsterAsh Solarian Scar by KicsterAsh
----The prince turned around and pulled out another object from the case and gave it to Simon. “This is just a fingerless glove my dad made for your right hand,” he said, as Simon slipped it over the hand with the scar. “He said its best not to let your enemies see your weaknesses before its too late.”
----Simon looked at him in confusion. “But what weaknesses would a scar hide?” he asked.
----“Solarian scars aren’t like any other, Simon,” Acorn said sternly. “They are doorways into the mind and soul of the person who bears one. That’s why it's good to have it covered when you get anywhere near magical sources of light, or in case you get near any Shadows. It appears and glows bright blue. If the Darkness sees it appear, they can sneak into your mind and figure out your greatest fears and weaknesses, if not overshadow you. And considering the reason why you got that scar in the first place, I don’t think you want them to know what you’re most afraid of losing.”
----Simon looked at Alvin, who simply stared back, before looking at Theodore and the children. The chipmunk dressed in blue shifted his legs uneasily. “No, I don’t want that,” he whispered.


XD And you thought KICS was all about candycanes and gumdrops XD

Solarian Scar stands for a mark a Phoenix will leave on you after doing a great deed. It's as much a blessing as it can be a burden. In the second adventure I had in mind for the boys when I was 18, the second time the chipmunks visited KICS (they were 11), Simon received the scar. I can't remember all the details exactly since I had never totally planned the entire story, but something happened to Alvin and in an act of selflessness Simon saved his life. For that Lord Solar, Ruler of the Phoenixes and Sun Kingdom on Marya, gave Simon a Solarian scar. It appears only at the times Acorn stated above, therefore becomes a gateway to Simon's mind and soul if not covered. Which is one of the reasons why he's the most vulnerable of the three Guardians.

This pic was done pretty quickly, but I really just wanted to show the scar. It's a moment in another story I had planned. Alvin got injured by a dark weapon on one of their missions and was in need of a healer. Simon's scar got revealed and a Shadow nearly penetrated it. Luckily, help arrived just in time so nothing happened to Simon other than getting scared out of his wits.

I need to stop writing big descriptions XD Prolly no one reads them X)

chipmunks (c) Bagdasarian Sr
art, story (c) KicsterAsh
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