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July 25, 2012
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Satellite Flying Squirrel Model Sheet by KicsterAsh Satellite Flying Squirrel Model Sheet by KicsterAsh

Satellite Theodore Flying Squirrel (KICSter #3)

Species: Cartoon Flying Squirrel
Color: grey
Eyes: Coal Black
Height: 3 ft 6 in
Age: 19-25 (age he is during the first series)
Birthday: July 12th, 1982
Birthplace: Cliff Ridge, California
Favorite color: Yellow
Hobbies: playing his father’s saxophone, reading, cooking, martial arts
Virtue: Unity

Fun fact: One of the only flying squirrels that can glide through the air without the need of a breeze. He can also make sharp turns and dives.
Tends to store acorns during the month of October, a bad habit he had since childhood.

Satellite was born in the small mountain town of Cliff Ridge, the son of a famous musician and artist. Another family in the town, an actor and his wife, gave birth to a baby elk several months earlier. A week before his first Christmas, a group of Cartoon Haters came to the town and annihilated all Cartoons that resided there, letting the Humans survive. Tina managed to escape into the woods with both Satellite and Marlin, yet used her body heat to keep the babies alive. She froze to death within a few days of wandering the Rockies. The babies were found and raised by a Human couple that were close friends to the Flying Squirrels: a young professor and his wife, but hardly a year later Satellite was kidnapped by the Professor Cat Eye. Marlin managed to be narrowly rescued by his guardians.

Satellite was the youngest of the three cartoons that were raised in Canada. He was timid and incredibly anxious. However, since an early age, Satellite claimed to be the smartest of all three boys, stating Coco was silly and Spike was downright reckless. He often searched for the logical solution out of a problem, which set him aside from the porcupine. Because of their differences, the two of them were often at odds, always finding even the smallest of things to argue over. Despite this, in times of need the two would do anything for the other.

Besides his shyness, which he quickly overcame thanks to his future wife Rose, Satellite was afraid of heights, therefore often refused to take flying lessons. It took until he was nine years of age before Spike was able to help him bring out his courage and take the first leap. Since then, Satellite continued to improve in his flying techniques, eventually being able to master the ability of gliding through the air without the need of a breeze.

Despite his snappiness and anxiety, Satellite became known as the thinker of the group, often finding loopholes in Cat Eye’s traps. His quick thinking and logic came in handy when Spike’s plans of action failed. He made sure that the entire group of KICS were always safe and reminded them constantly that they were a team, and no one was to be left out. Without his care and protectiveness, despite his impatience, KICS would have failed long ago.

The only things that Spike still considers the least bit irritating about Satellite are his loud-mouth talking to Cat Eye (thank his wife for that!) and his habit of pulling on the porcupine’s ears whenever something he said upset him.


Satellite did start out as incredibly shy. But thanks to his wife, who wears the pants in the relationship (which means she's the boss) he became one of the most outspoken KICSters. Sadly, it tends to get on Cat Eye's nerves.

And yeah, you should be able to guess who was the inspiration for Satellite. XDDD

I will make a model sheet for Cat Eye, guys. just be patient.

character (c) moi
do not copy or use
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He's adorable! :D He sounds like such an interesting and unique character, and I can't wait to see more about the KICS team :D
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"I have just met you and I love you. My master made me this collar because he is good and smart. SQUIRREL!!!"
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