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July 25, 2012
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Coco Lemur Model Sheet by KicsterAsh Coco Lemur Model Sheet by KicsterAsh
+Please Read Below+

Chocolate “Coco” Garbanzo Lemur (KICSter #2)

Cartoon Coquerel’s Sifaka (pronounced shee-fahk)
Color: grey (fur is white and brown)
Eyes: Chocolate Brown
Height: 3 ft 8 in
Age: 19-25 (age he is during the first series)
Birthday: June 20th, 1982
Birthplace: tree village of Ensiigo (now a ghost town)
Favorite color: green
Hobbies: playing drums, singing in his native tongue, making up words, making people happy, playing soccer
Virtue: Light

Fun fact: His catchphrase is “Milinembla!”
He is vegetarian
His middle name was replaced with “Garbanzo” because none but his mother was able to pronounce the real one.

Coco was born in Madagascar, only son and child of the island’s Cartoon Prime Minister Zahid Lemur and his wife Sarah Lemur. Madagascar had, at the time, a Cartoon PM as well as a Human PM so that the two races could properly come to decisions together and peacefully. Coquerel Sifakas, both real animal and Cartoon, are endangered for loss of habitat as well as being hunted by Humans (yes, they even hunted the Cartoon lemurs, specifically the coquerels). In the middle of the night, Professor Cat Eye led a group of hunters and Cartoon Haters to Ensiigo and started a genocide, killing everyone in Coco’s family. The man personally shot the child’s parents before kidnapping him. Ensiigo became known as a haunted village.

Coco was raised alongside Spike and Satellite, and quickly became the ball of fluff and joy of the family. He did all in his power to keep his brothers and friends happy. His high energy allowed him to learn how to leap at an early age, as well as get into trouble. The one thing he disliked was being the middle child; he was often caught in the middle of wars between Spike and Satellite, and was often forced to be the peacemaker.

Being a lemur also made Coco very in-tune with nature. While he enjoyed being the goofball and “glue” that held KICS together, he was also intelligent. Like most of his kind, Coco could hear the trees, a language only lemurs could understand. This ability often came in use when the gang was in a tight spot. And unlike Spike, Coco knows how to drive; however he chooses not to—most lemurs do not drive anything that could produce pollution and harm the trees.

The subject of his birth family is an incredibly sensitive one, which is why Cat Eye often uses it to provoke the lemur. His attachment to friends, family and his best friend Brue Retriever also tend to become a weakness of his. He has also been a victim of racist comments due to his heavy accent giving away his nationality (Cartoons can inherit accents from their parents or their home country, unlike humans).

Coco’s faith is by far the strongest of the group, despite Spike’s wisdom and later guidance. Even when others doubt, Coco’s faith never falters. And while his graceful acrobatics and quick attacks are useful on missions, it is his faith and encouragement that is vital to the group’s victory.

Coco also has a disdain for winter, and anything cold and dry.


Thar's Coco, everyone's favorite primate:heart: I kinda wanted him to be a goofball, but at the same time, didn't want him to be the usual idiot. In most cartoons, there's often a smart one and then a really dumb one. Coco's smart, he just chooses to be silly.

Coco was inspired by none other than Zoboomafoo. I fell in love with that type of lemur after watching the show and the film Dinosaur from Disney, therefore created a character that was one of the world's endangered primates. Coco is a fun character to develop, especially since he's often fun and happy while his past is very dark and sorrowful.

Character (c) KicsterAsh
do not copy or use
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