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Theodore placed a hook on a green ornament and handed it to his nephew while Eleanor untangled poor Mia from the pile of garland he had jumped into. "Be careful with it, Davy," Theodore warned. "You wouldn't want to poke your fingers."

"Not before opening my presents," the six-year-old said as he carefully carried the ornament to the tree where his mother, Aunt Jeanette and sister were busy decorating already. The Seville house was quickly filling with anything one could consider Christmas related, and the month of December had hardly even begun. Christmas had always been a very special time of year for the family; not only because of the yearly concerts The Chipmunks put up at Carnegie Hall and other famous sites around the country, but because it was around this time that a human named Dave had adopted his boys and created the family they all had now. Christmas was a Holiday the Sevilles took seriously, both in the family and businesswise.

"Where do you want to put your ornament, David?" Brittany asked as her son walked over.

The little chipmunk pointed upwards. "At the top of the tree, right next to where Pop's gonna put the star," he said.

"I think we should leave enough space up there for the star to go, Sweetie."

"Fine. Anywhere higher than Claire's is fine then."

His twin sister peered around the tree at him and glared. "No fair, David," she snapped. "I wanna put mine up high too!"

Jeanette hung her candy cane and then leaned down to pick her niece up. "Don't worry, I'll hold you up Claire," she said. "You and David can help hang the high ones with your Uncle Simon and Grandpa Dave."

"Leave some for AJ and Gramma Vinny too," David exclaimed as his mother held him up. "And some for Miss Miller when she gets here."

"Your Grandmother and Miss Miller won't be here before we finish the tree, Sweetie," Brittany replied. "Now hang up your Christmas ball before my arms get tired. You're not as light as you used to be, you know."

Theodore continued placing hooks on the ornaments before raising his chin and smelling the air. "Uh, Ellie, your cookies smell ready," he announced, looking at his wife.

"Oops, forgot about those," Eleanor giggled as she rose to her feet. "Better take them out before they burn." She stepped over the children and Mia and rushed into the kitchen. "Should we put some Christmas music on, guys? I feel like singing."

"Put on Grampa's first song!" Claire cried out. "I wanna here some classics!"

"Yeah, Classics!" David agreed.

Theodore chuckled as Mia began pouncing about the garland again. "That sounds like a nice idea," he said. "We haven't listened to that album in a long time."

"Where's the album then?" his wife called from the other room. "I'll go get it and put it on."

"It should be in Alvin's office; he keeps most of our music in there on a shelf." As his wife was heard hurrying off, Theodore looked about the room in confusion. "Speaking of which, where is Alvin?"

"He ran to the store to pick up some eggnog," Brittany replied as she grabbed another ornament. "That and some Christmas oranges. He should be back soon." Eleanor came back into the room with a CD in her hand and she quickly placed it into the stereo against the wall, catching her sister's attention. "Put on The Chipmunk Song, Ellie," she said. "The kids love that one."

The door opened just as the music began, and along with fluffy snow came in Simon and AJ. The three-year-old waddled in before his father, covered from head to toe in snow. His toque nearly covered his eyes from view. "All done, Mama," he called out. "All done!"

"The drive is clear," Simon clarified as he pulled his blue toque from his head. "At least until the snow falls again." He watched as AJ attempted to walk onto the white carpet in the living room before reaching out and pulling the toddler back. "Whoa there, AJ; take your boots and skipants off before entering the house. You don't wanna make a mess."

"Yucky mess," AJ muttered in agreement as he helped his father dust the snow off of him.

Jeanette stepped over the twins as they began helping Theodore organize the ornaments on the floor. "What did you do to him out there, toss him into a pile of snow or something?" she wondered while pulling AJ's toque off. "He looks like Frosty the Snowman, Simon!"

"He was just a little clumsy on his feet over the ice, Jeanette," Simon replied as he undressed the boy. "He never cried, so he never hurt himself."

"It's really white outside, Mama," AJ exclaimed as he spread out his arms. "Lotsa snow for sliding!"

"Can we go out sliding, Mom?" David asked Brittany as he and his sister overheard what their cousin said.

Brittany picked up another ornament and hung it. "Not today, maybe tomorrow," she muttered. "Your Grampa's coming over to help your Dad and uncles put up the Christmas lights outside, remember?"

"Then we have to practice for our concert on Friday," Theodore added, giving a candy cane to Mia when the animal purred. "Is Alvin back yet, Simon?"

"I didn't see him," came the reply as the tall chipmunk hung up his jacket. He paused when he heard the familiar song playing through the speakers and let out a chuckle. "Wow, classics playing?" he said, placing his hands on his hips.

"Yeah, the kids like it," Theodore agreed as he looked up with a grin. "Remember when we first sang it, Simon?"

"As I recall, it was a little less than three decades ago."

"You were a really quiet singer back then."

"You giggled a lot."

Theodore let out a laugh as Brittany rolled her eyes. "He still does," she added.

Simon grinned at her, just as the twins let out squeals of excitement. David clapped his hands. "This is my favorite part of the song!" he exclaimed as AJ waddled over to them with Jeanette's help. "The part when Grampa yells!" All three children fell silent as the dialogue was heard over the music, and right on cue, they all threw their heads back and yelled: "AAAALLLLVVVIIIIIIIIIINNN!!!"

"What did I do this time?" came a distant shout. The children widened their eyes and gasped before grinning from ear to ear.

"DADDYYYYY!!!" the twins cried out.

"Uncah Alvin's home!" AJ added, flailing his arms about as his sleeves fell over them.

"What took you?" Brittany called out as the garage door to the house closed and the noise of someone stomping snow from their feet was heard.

"Lineups, duh," Alvin replied.

"At a grocery store?"

"Uh, hello, Brittany; it' Christmas? Doesn't matter what store it is; in December, there's always a lineup." He was heard setting some things down on the counter and saying hello to Eleanor before speaking again. "That and a bunch of kids stopped me for my autograph. Again."

"You sound annoyed," Theodore replied.

Simon covered a laugh. "Surprisingly," he added.

"I heard that, Four Eyes," Alvin snapped. "I don't mind it when I'm at concerts or at schools doing charity work. I don't even mind it when I'm on the race tracks. But when I'm only trying to pick up a dinky carton if eggnog and some blasted oranges, and two dozen kids stop me to sign various merchandise while I'm trying to pay, I would rather kiss your butt than sign autographs."

The children giggled at this remark while Simon rolled his eyes. "I was just teasing you, Alvin don't have to go write a book about it," he chuckled. When the song ended, the children asked him to replay it and so he leaned towards the stereo and pressed the replay button. "Do you know what time Dave's coming over Al?"

"I think three," Alvin replied as he began walking towards the living room. "Two or three. He wanted to go out with Missus Claire before they came over." The red clad chipmunk walked by the room and stepped into the bathroom momentarily. "Mom will be at the bus depot Wednesday, so I'll go pick her up after work. Then we can rehearse for our concerts at Carnegie Hall and then the big Cathedral downtown for Christmas E—!"

The sound of Alvin suddenly stopping in his words was heard as the Chipmunk Song continued to play over the stereo. While the children sang along as they hung ornaments on the tree, Alvin slowly stepped out of the bathroom, furrowed his brow and listened.

Simon and Jeanette looked at him from the entrance while Theodore and Brittany simply looked up in curiosity. The red-clad chipmunk walked into the room cautiously, listened to the music some more before wrinkling his nose in disgust. "Ugh, why are you playing this junk?" he said while pointing at the stereo. "This music is so horrible!"

"What are you talking about; this is a classic!" Brittany argued.

"Yeah; classic flop." He waved his arms in Simon's direction and shut his eyes tightly. "Change it to something better before my ears bleed!"

"Come on, Alvin, the kids love this song," Theodore said. "Not to mention it gave us our name."

"Just because it holds an important place in my heart, it doesn't mean I need to like it for the rest of my life, Theodore," Alvin replied. He strained to listen again and shuddered. "Ugh, come on, guys! Listen to that; I'm flat, I am totally singing flat! Dave was right; I was flat. WAAYYY bad!"

"Alvin, you do realize we were only four years old when we sang this, right?" Simon noted. "We weren't professionals."

"All the more reason to turn it off."

The children moaned at this, catching Alvin's attention. "But we like it," they said in unison.

Alvin made another grimace before Jeanette placed a hand on his shoulder as she walked by. "It's a beautiful song nonetheless, Alvin," she said with a sweet smile. "For beginners, you, Simon and Theodore were extremely talented."

"Plus, it was a really important song to Dave," Simon added. "Not to mention it was the first solo part you had, remember? I thought you liked that line. It made you a household name, for Pete's sake!"

"Simon, I am now twenty-eight years old," Alvin said coolly. While flailing his arms about, he added, "I no longer want a hoola hoop for CHRISTMAS!" When the children giggled at this, he turned to look at them before pointing at Simon again. "Not to mention it reminds everyone of how much of a brat I was and may still be, all because of me being in the clouds again and Dave yelling out halfway through the song—!"

"AAAALLVVIIIIIINNNN!!!" The children exclaimed simultaneously, just as that part in the song came around again. It made Alvin leap back in fright and freeze, which only made the children laugh harder.

Simon, Theodore, Brittany and Jeanette laughed at his reaction before Simon placed an arm around his best friend. "Alvin, your name is a trademark," he said. "No matter how old you get, that shout won't get old, you know that."

Alvin wrinkled his nose. "Is that a good thing now?" he grumbled.

"Alvin, lighten up! It's Christmas; our favorite holiday, remember? Stop being a scrooge and just have some fun!" He let him go and walked over to the stereo. "If it makes you feel more at home, we'll play the song another time. Which one would you like to sing, Alvin?"

Alvin waited for the children to cease giggling before rubbing his chin thoughtfully and cracking a grin. "Since I'm not really in a Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree mood yet," he began, "Why don't we sing something a little more sweet, so to say? To go along with this beautiful day… and a song where I don't sound flat."

"And which song would that be?"

Alvin tapped his foot to the beat in his head for a moment before walking into the living room and picking up some ornaments. As he rubbed his children on their heads, he began to sing:

High above the evergreens, the stars are shining clear
Is it any wonder it's our favorite time of year

Simon and Theodore smiled at each other and as Alvin picked up a pile of ornaments, they joined in the Christmas classic. The children, Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor as she returned from the kitchen, began to sway to the beautiful vocals of the world famous singers.

Fireplace glowing and frosty winds blowing
A winter chill in the air
Family near you and friendship to cheer you
And good will to those everywhere

Here comes Christmas
Happiest time of the year
Merry Christmas
Sing and rejoice for Christmas is here

Mia barked, picked up an end of the garland and began running about the living room as the Sevilles pulled out the stockings and Christmas lights.

Everyone dressed in their holiday best
In shades of crimson and green
Snowflakes of lace that will blanket the place
Make a beautiful wintry scene

Here comes Christmas
Happiest time of the year
Merry Christmas
Sing and rejoice for Christmas is here

Alvin tossed the thread that would hold up the stockings to Simon, who in turn tossed him the end of the Christmas lights for the tree. Jeanette, AJ in her arms, helped her husband slip on one stocking after another. Her son aided when he could, nearly slipping out of her arms until Simon held him up as well. Eleanor joined her husband as he took the garland from his pet and began hanging it around the room, and Alvin, along with his wife and children, took the lights and wrapped them up around the tree before completing the ornament hanging.

You hang the stockings and I'll trim the tree
With tinsel and ornaments bright
Candy canes and angels
And hundreds of twinkling lights
Getting together with family
Welcoming neighbors and friends
Listen to Christmas bells ringing
Join all the carolers singing

Watch out for mistletoe, run to the window
To see eight reindeer in flight
Sleigh bells will jingle and jolly Kris Kringle
Will be on your rooftop tonight

Here comes Christmas
Happiest time of the year
Merry Christmas
Sing and rejoice for Christmas is here

Theodore handed the Christmas star to his eldest brother and Alvin took it, tossed it into the air once and then reached for the top of the tree where he set it down.

Here comes Christmas
Happiest time of the year
Merry Christmas
Sing and rejoice for Christmas is here

Sing and rejoice for Christmas is here

He stood back with the rest of the family and studied the newly decorated tree before nodding and crossing his arms. With a smile, he looked at his brothers. "Now that's a classic song," he said.

Theodore chuckled as he and Simon placed their arms around Alvin's shoulders. "Indubitably," Simon replied.
Song for the story: [link] :heart::heart::heart:

By far my FAVORITE Chipmunks Christmas song. I absolutely love the beat and the lyrics and... yeah, everything about it.

There is supposed to be a picture that goes with this story, but since tomorrow I will be officially starting my two week job for Disney, I can't post it until after Christmas. Or more precise, I can't really work on it until after Christmas. It's a complicated system. :shrug:

But hey, a happy Chipmunks story! And one with Jeanette in it to boot! :XD: I freakin love writing for her, she's just... asdlfslkdfj I need to do more.

I have more Chipmunk one shots (and two full stories) to post after Christmas, some featuring lil AJ:heart: Oh yeah, the "Missus Claire" Alvin mentioned is Dave's wife that I gave later in the series, shortly before they moved (she's the girl from the first CGI movie in 2007. So yeah, now you know where Al's daughter's name comes from -u- Well, partially.)

:star:So probably my last Christmas post and post at all for the next few weeks. Enjoy it guys! :D

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


Chipmunks and Chipettes, song (c) Bagdasarian Productions
Claire, David, AJ, Mia, story (c) KicsterAsh
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